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Thanks for joining us. This website, The Orion Net Project, is based on the science of bioelectromagnetism. I found out about bioelectromagnetism when I wanted to clear my mind of cognitive dissonance. Then I found I could communicate wirelessly using binaural rhythmic sound waves.

The first method is what I’ve been working on the most. It’s taken a while to figure out the settings, not to mention, methods and techniques an individual needs to use to clear their mind of excess bioelectromagnetism. In other words excess cognitive dissonance. Believe it or not, we, humans, come into contact with each other on a daily basis. Before I go any further with that let me explain something.

I was standing on MY porch one day and I realized I was having a difficult time thinking not to mention self-actualizing MY surroundings. It’s as if I was there but not really there. This form of cognitive dissonance really bothered ME. I remembered when I was younger when I had this problem, I used to go out into the country to be at peace and recenter MYSELF. When I got to where I wanted to be among the trees and brush I would stop, relax, and close MY eyes focusing on the sounds around ME reaching out and feeling everything with MY mind’s eye. I then, still standing on MY porch, took a moment and closed MY eyes, relaxing completely forcing MYSELF to forget about everything I was thinking of. As soon as I did this the cognitive dissonance I was experiencing went down somewhat. That gave ME an idea and I went inside to meditate.

When I began to meditate I again relaxed MY mind and emotions with MY eyes closed focusing on MY breathing and the activity within MY mind went down. The inspiration came to ME. I began thinking about basic electricity such as how static electricity works and how our eyes and brain work together when electrons are excited we can see better and clearer. That was rather simple to ME. When the sun comes up the Earth receives energy in the form of electrons to put that simple and we can see because the photoreceptors in our eyes pick up the difference in the excited electrons in the air. This is how a lightbulb works.

I thought even further. I asked MYSELF…”If a light-bulb can help us see why can I not use some form of electronics to create a difference in MY mind to decrease the activity within?” I found that I could with audio electronics.

How do I know this works? Since experimenting with my methods I’ve noticed physical changes for the better not to mention I can breathe better, my posture improves, my eyesight improves, better concentration and focus, and many other benefits. I’ve also taken pictures of physical changes in my hands and face while listening to my methods.

Excess BEM effects
MY hands should NOT look like this. I’m 34 years old NOT 70

There were many instances or times where I got irritated, but I stuck with the methods and working towards getting MY mind clear. Cognitive dissonance/excess BEM has the potential to be very stubborn when trying to get rid of it. That’s why in the following blog posts and methods YOU will see I have most of the settings maximized. The quicker an individual can get rid of cognitive dissonance/excess BEM the better, which is why it has taken ME more than a year roughly to perfect MY methods.

Me trying to figure out some of my methods from the past :p

Later I will get into teaching how to communicate using binaural sound waves. I know this works because vibrations and sound waves are everywhere especially in passing vehicles. I’ve picked up people talking while using their vehicles to say “morning” to me while on my front porch among other communication methods. After figuring that out is when I began calling my system the Orion Net and I’ve picked up other bioelectromagnetic signatures.

I am just starting to set up everything on this website and more information will follow, using both methods I’ve used for Android and Apple OS’s and their applications. However, I wanted to get the word out so everybody else can start using at least the basics that are already safe to use on existing applications. The first is to use the “White Noise” App for either Android or Apple. The best sound I’ve used to clear my mind is the “Schumann Resonance“. This is a very good sound for the fact that the sound waves come from the Earth anyway. Special oscillators make the waves audible to the human ear.

This method really works……..Here is a link to a video on this. There’s one for Apple and another for Android. YOU will also need to view the video tutorials on how to initially set up either smart device.

  1. Use five sets of Schumann Resonance on “White Noise”.
  2. A user can choose any mixture they want but the best that has worked for me is to set the speed, volume, and pitch all the way up.
  3. Keep in mind that the Android version, the user must choose more than one different sound, before that will allow them to add more of the same.
  4. After the user adds two different sounds they can go to the mixing board and delete the undesired sound.
  5. The user can then go back and select more of the same.
  6. Another mix can be chosen with only the pitch turned all the way up.
  7. The settings or mix can vary depending on what works best for the individual.


Make sure YOU have earbuds or a fairly good pair of headphones available. Personally, I use the Sony MDR-EX15LP/15AP In-ear earbuds/headphones and “Shure SRH840” headphones. As I make improvements to the website I will show pictures, provide step-by-step instructions, and methods on how to clear the mind of excess bioelectromagnetism.

*TB Morphit, currently, does not have a specific setting for the Sony MDR-EX15LP. The “generic earbud” setting will work with these though. There is a specific setting for the Shure SRH840 headphones though.

*With the SRH840’s I also use two specific audio cables for their functionality and durability. These are from “ABLET“, which can be found on Amazon. To MY knowledge they do not have a website so I provide their store-link to their shop on Amazon.

*I also use a “Lecone” Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter cable for its functionality and durability with MY Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

*To better fit MY needs I purchased an iPhone 6S. Even though this is smaller it still has enough processing power and has both a 3.5mm headphone jack and a Lightning charging port. I like this so I can listen to MY audio methods and still charge MY phone at the same time.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


By Jamin Chavez Director & Owner

Jamin Chavez is an Army Veteran where he served as an Equal Opportunity Leader, Instructor, and Patriot Missile System Technician. He is the Owner and Director of PPHC Compass Publisher and the PPHC Compass Publisher Bookstore. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and has a Masters degree in Information Management Technology.

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