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The Tiger Roar/Purr Setting

While I was working on the methods recently I came across a song by “Tool” the band. I was trying to mix different sounds and remembered one of their songs called “Mocking Beat”. I’ve always liked “Tool” the band. They have a very intelligent and unique sound to their music. If YOU listen to the words of their music and the quality of their sound I’m sure YOU will intellectualize the messages and meanings. After all, their music is what inspired ME to develop this website and create the methods here on Orion Net Project.

I mixed their song “Mocking Beat” with a ramp down saw tooth wave and a lowpass filter, the various granular noises, Schumann’s Resonance, the high tinny sound of a paint scraper, some drum beats, a bass guitar grunge riff (by a man named “damonb” from a 3 and 5-octave progression guitar tune at 1/4 time of my own tune. This was recorded on “Loopy HD” at 400 bpm and 1/4 time producing a very powerful and ultra-low sound/granular sine wave similar to how a cat purrs. However, this is more like how a tiger would purr or roar. I noticed that guitar music by itself mixed with the granular noises is very powerful in breaking down cognitive dissonance/excess BEM (bioelectromagnetism) with the bandpass filters. The sound is also very relaxing and has a mind centering effect. To me, this is kind of like a neck massage for MY mind. I give credit to “Tool” the band for such an awesome song and for inspiring ME to innovate. Below I will show YOU the settings required to produce such a sound to help clear YOUR mind.

YOU will need

1. “Loopy HD”

2. “The Oscillator”

3. “apeFilter”

4. “Stria”

5. “Filterstation2

6. “WoodnGate”

7. “Woodpressor”

8. “TB Morphit”

9. The recorded track for use with “Loopy HD” I call “Effin Tool FE FIVE”. *Tap or click here to go to the Orion Net Project shared folder to download the “Loopy HD” audio file called “BASS GRUNGE EFFIN TOOL FE FIVE“.

10. Shure SRH840 headphones or the best pair of headphones YOU can get.

11. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy.

Before YOU begin, please read the rest of MY explanation. Then, ensure YOU have the volume on YOUR smartphone turned down to a comfortable level or at mid-range. The instructions provided below require YOU to follow the initial set-up procedures for each App. Since everybody has a different biological makeup and their own unique BEM frequency there might be some slight differences in YOUR settings as opposed to mine. That means it might take some adjustments to the settings required to be changed for the Tiger Purr setting.

The goal is to generate a very low but powerful tone that acts as a massage for YOUR mind. This is similar to how YOUR neck might feel using an electric neck massage machine.

As I have stated before, I have noticed physical and cognitive changes in MY mind and body. The changes I have noticed are positive helping ME to concentrate and fixing any negative physical effects from excess BEM. YOU might notice while using the methods, some physical changes while listening. From MY experience these are good and positive reversing the negative effects of cognitive dissonance/excess BEM. Do not be alarmed if while listening to any of the methods if YOU feel any mental or physical changes. Of course, if YOU feel the need to stop and see a doctor, by all means, please do so.

However, MY theory is that the majority of any physical distortion within MY mind and body is caused by excess BEM that is not mine. Think about it. It is proven science that our minds and body emit a certain amount of BEM. We come in contact with each other, as humans, on a daily or weekly basis. Don’t YOU think another human’s BEM signature could get transferred to YOU by touch or sight through the electromagnetic radiation spectrum? The electromagnetic radiation spectrum is how we are able to do the technical and electronic wireless methods that we already enjoy. The most simple is being able to see when we turn on an electric light, exciting the electrons in the air around us and the photoreceptors in our eyes. Since we have photoreceptors in our eyes, we can conceptualize, analyze our perception through our eyes, with the help of the excited electrons in the air around us what else can pass through our eyes besides the possible common cold? The answer is other BEM signatures of other human beings.

In excess, a mixture of other various BEM signatures has the potential to cause distortion within our minds and bodies. BEM signatures that are not our own. Socializing and going through the methods of physical interpersonal communication means that after a while we need to filter our minds. The mind being the most important since that controls the rest of our body. YOU filter YOUR mind and the rest will follow. This is what I have experienced while, basically, filtering MY mind of excess BEM.

I have worked on a highly sophisticated radar system. I’ve been accidentally radiated on and have knowledge of the various types of radiation and what that can do. In this sense, I guess YOU could say we as humans have the potential to radiate on each other with our own BEM signatures. But, I’m not talking about a radar system that is man-made perse. “Stria” acts as sort of a radar for the mind, in MY opinion, helping the apps together to locate bioelectromagnetic signatures that are not supposed to be there with the use of audio sounds the mind can intellectualize. The audio apps work together to push prerecorded (fresh) audio into YOUR mind so that it can be conceptualized and analyzed just as that is when YOU listen to music. The audio I use is granular meant to break down excess BEM and excite the neurons within releasing excess similar to how muscles release built-up lactic acid when massaged. When that is broken down that is pushed OUT of the audio system and filtered. Audio and audio filters were meant to work based on how the human mind works.

Audio signals work within the energy or electrons of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. So does light energy. When energy or electrons enter our minds whether in the form of audio, through our ears, or light through our eyes they get interpreted by our mind. In other words, if light and audio can both be energy/electrons in two different but similar forms why can’t YOUR mind filter OUT excess energy YOU do not need? Light filters work similarly such as sunglasses or filters for cameras. I’ve listened to the various granular noises by themselves but I wondered what happened to the excess energy I did not need, why even after I listened I still felt like crap, and why when I woke up the next morning I noticed weird physical changes to MY mind and body. I needed something more powerful and something that had filters. Again, these methods act as a filter for the brain.

* April 5, 202 – I made an adjustment to “apeFilter”. On the Parameters setting the gain needs to be set to 0. I also uploaded a new track to the Orion Net Project folder called “TRIGONOMETRY AND SWORDS EFFIN TOOL FE FIVE”. This takes any high pitched noise OUT so YOU can feel the breadth of the sounds.

This video doesn’t exist

* YOU might have to tune the settings on “apeFilter” such as in the video below. Ensure YOU go slow, listen, and watch for the subtle changes in the signal. YOU want that low high voltage growl sound. What YOU see and hear toward the end of the video is the combination of the 110 and 19110 HZ rampdown sawtooth wave from “The Oscillator“.

This video doesn’t exist

* What I learned was how to use a sound from MY voice to prime “apeFilter” and the input signals after some short adjustments with the Peak Def filter. The sound is pronounced Gnee-a-a with a low growl from the diaphragm as YOU are breathing out. This is the sound I recorded on the above track “TRIGONOMETRY AND SWORDS EFFIN TOOL FE FIVE”. Doing this provides a constant loop of amplified sounds, I found that would replenish the electronic audio system. In the video below YOU might have to manually prime with YOUR own voice. This takes some practice.

* Also, while using “Stria”, turning the cutoff to 0 helps the app and onboard processor better distinguish the sounds generated from sounds that are not supposed to be present. I had to constantly go through the method below to reproduce the Tiger Purr/growl method. “apeFilter” is still an awesome app.

This video doesn’t exist

By Jamin Chavez Director & Owner

Jamin Chavez is an Army Veteran where he served as an Equal Opportunity Leader, Instructor, and Patriot Missile System Technician. He is the Owner and Director of PPHC Compass Publisher and the PPHC Compass Publisher Bookstore. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and has a Masters degree in Information Management Technology.

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