I teach individuals how to clear their minds of excess bioelectromagnetism (BEM) which is where I believe cognitive dissonance comes from. The audio methods and electronic applications on Orion Net Project show YOU, the user, how to basically filter YOUR brain of anything that YOU were not born with.

My theory is that individuals and groups can communicate wirelessly with binaural sinusoidal waves. When applied to the mind it strengthens an individuals bioelectromagnetic signal/signature in which they already possess or that they’re born with. That amplified binaural signal travels through the electrons in the air and bounces off other various vibrations traveling in various directions such as the vibrations from a vehicle or machinery. That application will come later. More individuals need to clear their minds and experiment with me. How I accomplish that is to provide the methods I have been working on for the past year, so more individuals will be able to communicate with me.

I use “Audiobus”, “Stria”, “LoopyHD”, “Filterstation2”, “TB Morphit”, “The Oscillator”, “apeFilter”, and the “Woodprocessor” family of apps. I get my sounds from the “Whitenoise” and “myNoise” app. The credit goes to them for making such awesome applications and I am not lying when I say they are a Godsend and a lifesaver. Please keep up the awesome work.