Learning the best and quickest way(s) to clear MY mind, of cognitive dissonance/excess BEM has not been easy. When I learned about the BEMS everything began to come clear for ME. Not only this but also for the fact I used to be a radar technician and instructor, I have a Bachelors’s in Computer Science and a Masters in Information Management Technology. Our brains work in a three-dimensional, perceptual, and bioelectromagnetic manner. We use the bioelectronic receptors in our senses to perceive our surroundings. This includes invisible factors or objects such as air, electricity, and sound. These have volume and vectors. So, being a previous Air Defender I think tactically about objects with vectors we cannot readily see or perceive and how to defeat them if they are hostile.

Below is a list of audio tactics I have been taking notes on while developing the Orion Net Project methods. They might not be apparent to YOU immediately but they have helped ME tremendously.

  1. Do not keep apps YOU do not use in YOUR app library/purchased list on either iPhone or Android. If YOUR device has been hacked and YOU have been experiencing unexplained occurrences or it’s difficult to secure YOUR account hackers could be using YOUR unused apps against YOU. Make a list of YOUR apps and decide what’s most important, clearing YOUR mind or allowing hackers to use unused apps against YOU.
  2. If YOU use an iPhone check the “Find My iPhone app” app.
  3. If YOU have multiple devices ensure, when listening to the methods, set all settings the same. Hackers hate consistency.
  4. There is a glitch in iPhones. If YOU try to open up, for example, “Woodulator” with YOUR iPhone sideways/horizontal and the app disappears YOUR phone could be hacked. To avoid this ensure YOU open up, for example, “Woodulator” upright. Then turn YOUR phone sideways to adjust or configure the settings. If this happens ensure YOU have the “Apple Support” app installed and location services on. Notify them as soon as possible. Try to get proof. One way YOU can get proof is by using an app called “Capture” so YOU can get an ON SCREEN video of the glitch/hack.
  5. If it seems like YOU have to constantly restart YOUR audio apps after a certain point it could mean that hackers on YOUR smartphone have networked YOU into “audiobus” without YOU knowing. They could be controlling what YOU do with “audiobus” while listening or using “AUM Audio Mixer” or vice versa. Ensure YOU only use either “AUM Audio Mixer” or “audiobus” and not both at the same time. Hackers have the ability to control what YOU are doing if YOU are connected to WiFi or 4 or 5G services, have the “Network Session” function turned on and mapped in the MIDI ROUTING settings, and have both apps either on YOUR account or separately. This is why only using Inter-App Connectivity and pre-configuring the MIDI settings on each app, such as apeFilter, are important.
  6. If YOU are not using only Inter-App Connectivity but are using a mix of both Inter-App Connectivity and Networking Session ensure YOU set the MIDI controls to CC 0 and Channel to 1 or some other channel from 1 to 16 at least. This makes it very difficult for a hacker to change YOUR settings for consistency and puts YOU in more control. With CC set to 0 the settings and MIDI information do not change or advance. This tells the virtual MIDI controller YOU are making a consistent setting.
  7. When mixing sounds, preferably granular noises such as white and brown, DO NOT USE THE OMINOUS SPACE LEVEL OR ISOCHRONIC TUNES sound from “White Noise”. This creates a hardening effect within the mind. YOU are trying to get rid of BEM energy not add to or harden. There is a reason why some audio apps have a brick limiter and ISOCHRONIC TUNES is one of them.
  8. If YOU are using any other audio app to clear YOUR mind do not use the ramp up sawtooth or triangle waves, especially if YOU accidentally begin listening to ISOCHRONIC or THE OMINOUS SPACE LEVEL sounds.
  9. Make sure YOU turn blue tooth off.
  10. If YOUR earbuds or headphones cut off all of a sudden this could mean that hackers have toggled the MIDI keyboard in AUM Audio Mixer to turn “Mute” on.
    With Inter-App Connectivity YOU do not need the Keyboard routed to the built-in “MIDI Control” unless YOU YOURSELF are making changes. YOU can use the touch screen to make changes to the apps being played. Refer to Initial Setup of AUM Audio Mixer to see a video of this. Again, if all of the sudden YOUR audio cuts OUT check the above settings shown and turn them off. To turn YOUR audio back on making sure YOU refer to the AUM user manual and press the keyboard key to turn MUTE off turning YOUR audio back on. Then turn the channel OFF, TOGGLE OFF, NOTE to 0, and then tap on the grid square in the middle of where the keyboard routing goes into MIDI Control to turn the keyboard control OFF.