AUFX:PUSH and AUFX:PEAKQ, made by Kymatica AB, are two of the most powerful, sleek, and user-friendly audio apps I’ve ever worked with. I chose the two because they are extremely powerful. AUFX:PUSH basically amplifies audio sound to give YOUR audio that extra leg-up and AUFX:PEAKQ interrogates the waveforms passing through the audio system more so than other Q functions. This means AUFX:PEAKQ has the audio Q as its main function so it can destroy valence/audio waveforms that are not supposed to be in YOUR system.

*The video below shows YOU, the user, how to set up AUFX:PUSH and AUFX:PEAKQ with AUM Audio Mixer. The main point of the video below is to show YOU, the user, how to set up the MIDI routing settings so the apps will work properly together in AUM Audio Mixer with Inter-App Connectivity. The other settings YOU see, not the same, are for one of MY experiments that brought ME to the Rocket Thruster method using the AUM Audio Mixer.