AUM Audio Mixer DAW Initial Setup

AUM Audio Mixer DAW (digital audio workstation), developed by Kymatica AB, is one of the most awesome DAW’s ever build, in MY opinion. It is easier to use than audiobus, has a simplistic yet powerful interface and design, and offers a CHOICE as to whether the user wants to be connected via a network or not unlike audiobus.

The video below shows YOU, the user, how to setup YOUR audio apps within the DAW without having to mess with CC (change control) or channel setup. The MIDI routing table configuration shown in the video is how the MIDI connections should look. The method shown also shows how a virtual MIDI should be set up and connected.

Apps shown in the video

  • The Oscillator
  • Woodulator
  • apeFilter”     *In the video apeFilter is input on a slot for inter-app connectivity
  • WoodLofier” aka bitcrusher
  • “AUFX: PeakQ”
  • “AUFX: Push”
  • What looks like other apps are built-in applications native to the AUM Audio Mixer. They can be added or removed/ejected to any slot.

*Just in case YOU need to reset the MIDI Control channel, NOTE control, or CC Control, below is an instructional video for reset.