How to Set Up Apefilter

An audio filter is necessary for clearing an individual’s mind of cognitive dissonance/excess bioelectromagnetism. There are two filters needed to help accomplish this and recycle the noise/sound mixtures so YOUR mind can process them the right way while clearing. These are “Filterstation2“, by Audio Damage, and “Apefilter” by apeSoft. This page will show YOU how to set up “Filterstation2” or YOU can go to their website. Tap or click on these links to download the apps: “Filterstation2” and “Apefilter“.

There are three main filters used to filter. These are the Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, and Peak Def filters. The main type of filter I, Jamin Chavez, use is the Peak Definition filter. These videos will show YOU how to set up a high and low Peak Def filter.

Keep in mind that I have most of MY settings set at the most because I have tinnitus and have experienced a lot of cognitive dissonance. Ensure YOU put YOUR settings to where they are the most comfortable for YOU.

How to set up “Apefilter” for a bandpass filter.

*Ensure YOU have the “Echo” settings turned all the way down.

How to set up “Apefilter for a Peak Def filter. YOU do not want the filter set too high or YOU will get an extremely high pitched noise and a lot of feedback.

Calibrating “ApeFilter” with the “BASS GRUNGE Effin Tool FE FIVE” Mix. Doing this is what led ME to the settings YOU see above for both the bandpass and the Peak Def filters. YOU do NOT want the echo setting on. Also, remember that while trying to adjust or calibrate YOUR filter alternating current, even audio, and viewed through a graph and spectral goes from left to right or left -> right. This means YOU want the filter to begin all the way to the left so that can begin to filter any and every incoming waveform. In reality, AC travels in both directions, but the screens such as on oscilloscopes help us to conceptualize how AC works and how to work with that.

*Ensure YOU have the “Echo” settings all the way down.