How to Set Up Filterstation2

An audio filter is necessary for clearing an individuals mind of cognitive dissonance/excess bioelectromagnetism. There are two filters needed to help accomplish this and recycle the noise/sound mixtures so YOUR mind can process them the right way while clearing. These are “Filterstation2“, by Audio Damage, and “Apefilter” by apeSoft. This page will show YOU how to set up “Filterstation2” or YOU can go to their website. Tap or click on these links to download the apps: “Filterstation2” and “Apefilter“.

There are three main filters used to filter. These are the Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, and Peak Def filters. The main type of filter I, Jamin Chavez, use is the Lowpass and Highpass filter with “Filterstation2”.

-If YOU are using “Audiobus3”, remember, this includes a network if YOU have cellular data or WiFi turned on. If YOU are not looking to network with anybody else while using the audio methods YOU might have to activate “Filterstation2” in one instance and then load the app onto “Audiobus3” to ensure the local processor and clock catch both. I say this because I have noticed weird activity with MY devices and have had to use a few different methods to ensure the app is running correctly. This also depends on if “Audiobus3” was set up correctly.

How to setup two instances of a Lowpass filter.

-One of the steps goes a little too fast. Under the LFO > Shape > Select LFO Shape, select Ramp Down Sawtooth wave. This is because YOU are trying to reduce the cognitive dissonance/excess bioelectromagnetism in YOUR mind instead of increasing or building upon that.

-YOU want to turn the Hack setting all the way up to enable “Filterstation2” to catch onto foreign signals, and filter them out, that should not be in YOUR mind.

How to set up one instance of both a Highpass and Lowpass filter on “Filterstation2”. This setting filters the most.