How to Set Up Granular Sounds

Granular sounds are very important when dissipating excess bioelectromagnetism. Granular sounds are sounds such as White, Violet, Green, Blue, Brown, and Purple sounds. These methods are what I, Jamin Chavez, use. YOURS can be different to suit YOUR purposes. I use the “White Noise” and “Relax Melodies” apps to get the various granular sounds. So far “Relax Melodies” is the only app I’ve found that has the Green noise sound. Remember, if YOU use the “White Noise” app YOU need to also download the “White Noise Market” app. DO NOT USE Isochronic Tones.

After YOU set up the various sounds YOU will also need an app called “Voice Recorder” or “Android Audio Recorder” by Smart Mobi Tools. They have versions for both Android and iOS. YOU can choose to use a different brand of voice recorder by either Android or Apple. However, for ME these are high quality and easy to use.

How to set up a mix of WBOVP (White, Blue, Orange, Violet, and Purple) with the “White Noise” app.

How to set up a mix of Schumann’s Resonance with medium pitch with the “White Noise” app.

How to set up a mix of GPBW (Green, Pink, Brown, and White noise) with the “Relax Melodies” app.

*Another very effective method is to use “White Noise” to mix the Low Alpha, Beta, Mu, Theta, Gamma, and Delta waves. Then record them onto “Loopy HD” while running “The Oscillator” app. This records the waves with a ramp down sawtooth wave which is the opposite of what most music artists record their music with. If any of them as ME, Jamin Chavez, I would tell them to start recording their music with ramp down sawtooth waves.