How to Set Up Stria

Stria“, by “Apps4iDevices“, is a granular synthesis machine or synthesizer. “Stria” is very important for the fact that it produces, mixes, and modulates various complex frequencies to produce very interesting and tantalizing sounds for the mind. Music artists use this for composing music. I use “Stria” to produce complex sounds for the mind to try and analyze. Our minds naturally try to intellectualize complex sound that are interesting to us, especially if they are relaxing. The other portion of “Stria” I, Jamin Chavez, use in the Orion Net Project methods is the “Auto Gen” portion of the app. “Stria” uses a non-linear, or 3-dimentional X and Y coordinate Cartesian Plane method to synthesize and modulate frequencies so the “Whole Mind” can enjoy the complex sounds it produces. The “Auto Gen” portion pushes out modulated sounds throughout the mind in a 3-dimentional manner in random pulses.

I noticed that the pulses from the “Auto Gen” portion act similar to the “Pulse Doppler” method from a radar. The pulses bounce off of any excess BEM built up in the brain helping “Filterstation2” to effectively hack any signal that is not supposed to be present in the brain as they pass through the open/close gate of “WoodnGate” and “Woodpressor“. YOUR brain, the on-board processor(s) of YOUR smartphone, and the inter-app functionality of each app work together to filter excess BEM from the mind. The sounds from “Loopy HD“, “The Oscillator“, or even music sometimes provide fresh audio/energy the mind can use to push out any unwanted BEM.

How to set up “Stria” for the fast setting

Setting up “Stria” for the slow setting

* I only change the “FX1: Doppler” to 0.25 because that sets the speed for the rest overall. With a synthesizer a slower speed but more randomization helps modulation and break up tough excess BEM.