How to Set Up the Woodpressor Compressor/Mixer

The “Woodpressor“, by  “Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio” is an extremely powerful audio compressing/mixing app. This allows the individual to listen to any audio to mix sounds effortlessly. Using the Orion Net Project methods YOU will need this to mix the audio with the filters. YOU can refer to the homepage for a demonstration of how the apps work together. Please view the video below to learn how to set up “Woodpressor”.

With the Tiger Roar/Purr method to work most effectively Woodpressor needs to be setup with a channel and CC or Change Control. This is so the audio sounds and signals from Loopy HD can be routed to and through the right apps. In this case Woodpressor.

I keep MINE set on channel one and CC set to 0 on every audio app. This is so not anybody else can mess around with the settings while YOU are listening. I’ve found while using the methods with Audiobus other users have been able to mess around with the controls somehow. With AUM DAW (digital audio workstation) this does not happen. It is not automatically networked to or through other users when connected to WiFi.

*How to set up “Woodpressor” for  a channel and CC or Change Control.

*Remember, YOU do not have to use channel 1. YOU can use any other channel YOU prefer. Just keep all the channels the same.