How to Set Up WoodnGate

WoodnGate“, by  “Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio“, is a very powerful and useful application. Used with “Woodpressor” both are extremely powerful and have the ability to make the audio sounds and methods, on Orion Net Project and other applications, very useful. An audio gate is an electronic tool that allows a specified amount of audio signals to pass through while NOT allowing others to pass through. In other words, NOT allowing other signals to pass through the audio gate is closed. “Woodpressor” has a gate but is also a compressor and mixer.

I use “WoodnGate” for the fact that it has an ADSR mode. ADSR is an acronym that means Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release. “WoodnGate” having an ADSR function for the “close” portion of the gate means that the Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release are controlled at the close gate with the main settings automatically with a “Bandpass” filter.

I also have the “Bandpass” filter turned on at the “open” mode to filter all incoming audio signals passing through the gate with the “Q” turned all the way up. The “Q” basically helps to interrogate every signal passing through the “open” and “close” gate.

How to set up “WoodnGate”.

* Ensure YOU set the “ADVANCED” channel settings to channel 1 in every dropdown dialogue box. Not every app has the “Omni” channel. This is so the audio sounds can be sent and received through Stria, apeFilter, Loopy HD, and Woodpressor with inter-app connectivity on YOUR smartphone device only.

* Also the “MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE MODE” must be set to “INDEX” so the app program can refer to or INDEX the saved programs on Stria, apeFilter, and Loopy HD. This is the same as Woodpressor.

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