How to Setup Noise Gate & Downward Expander

“Noise Gate & Downward Expander”, by “blue mangoo”, works similar to “WoodnGate”, but is much simpler and gentler on the ears and brain. Noise Gate opens and closes at a specified threshold but if the controls are set for the threshold to be 0, the sidechain lowcut to off, the sidechain highcut to off, the attack to max, the release time to max, and the ratio to max Noise Gate acts as a filter/gate to attenuate the incoming frequencies that are not supposed to be present. This also means that Noise Gate attenuating valent frequencies CUTS out or closes off unwanted frequencies. The release and attack work together, at max, to be the function or mechanism to cut valent frequencies OUT. Below is a video to show YOU, the user, how to set up Noise Gate for the Pulverizer/Mod Tone method, which is gentler on the brain and ears than the Tiger Roar/Purr method. If the Pulverizer method is too loud simply adjust the system volume on YOUR smartphone.

*How to setup Noise Gate in AUM Audio Mixer