How to Setup WoodLofier

WoodLofier“, by “Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio” is a noise or bit/crusher, audio filter, and has two Low Frequency Oscillators. Oscillators are very important especially when used with a rampdown sawtooth wave for the fact that they have the ability to create awesome audio sounds and break up tough cognitive dissonance/excess BEM. Oscillators vibrate at an extremely high rate depending on the settings. Stria and apeFilter also use LFO’s.

The first video below will show YOU how to setup WoodLofier with CC or change control and channel routing with channel one. I use channel one but YOU can choose whichever channel YOU would like. If YOU use AUM DAW (digital audio workstation) by Kymatica AB by YOURSELF and not networked with friends CC and channel routing are not used. Only CC is set to 0.