How to Setup Woodulator

Woodulator is a digital audio waveform modulator. Modulator means the same as modulation. Modulation is where there usually exists a carrier signal that can be a sinusoidal waveform or simply sine wave. On the sine wave can exist multiple signals or waveforms. This is modulation. The purpose of the Woodulator is to bring multiple signals or waveforms together to be used simultaneously.

For the Orion Net methods and purposes I use Woodulator to bring multiple loose and random waveform signals together so they can be broken down with a couple of ramp down sawtooth waves at a high rate. The settings allow ME, or the user, to do this at about 1000 bpm (beats per minute) and at an amplitude of 20,000 HZ. The saturation and dry-wet settings are kept at max so the process will be easy on the brain/mind.

*When using other apps such as apeFilter, Stria, and Loopy HD YOU need to use CC and channel routing so others cannot mess with the controls. MIDI programming with Stria and apeFilter also allows YOU to do this.

*How to setup Woodulator for use with CC or change control and channel routing.