Hypothesis and Attenuation Methods

Hypothesis and Attenuation methods is a page where I, Jamin Chavez, show and explain the electronic and scientific methods used to arrive at specific methodological conclusions.

Part of reducing and disintegrating cognitive dissonance/excess BEM is attenuation. Attenuation is a process used to adjust electronic settings to reduce a signal or waveform. In this case, the attenuation process is used to reduce various waveforms, hypothesizing, experimenting, testing, and then and in general reducing the various random waveforms to an effective BEM reduction audio system.

The electronic equipment and apps used on The Orion Net Project are used as tools to gather various random waveforms and excess BEM to be modulated into one three-dimensional area to be contained or routed. The three-dimensional area is the human brain/mind. This is the NON-LINEAR area used in the NON-LINEAR setting on “Woodpressor” and velocity for example. Signals generated such as audio from Loopy HD and The Oscillator are meant to function as driver signals or driver audio exciting, basically, the electricity and electrons within the brain.

There already exists electricity within the brain called BEM or bioelectricity. However, the brain and body generate an electromagnetic field called bioelectromagnetism. Modern and past electronics in radio, audio, and telecommunications were built and designed from how our human brains and body work and function. Otherwise, there would not be a purpose for using and designing the electronic systems we have today. The telephone and headphones we use also have an electronic diaphragm that vibrates similar to how our eardrum vibrates that communicate bioelectromagnetic pulses to our brain.

Our brain stores information, in the form of bioelectricity, similar to how static computer memory works only way more complex. Our brain organizes the information for us automatically from what we take in from our senses…sight, smell, hearing, and touch. Each of our senses communicates with our brain through our nervous system and information is stored or rearranged depending on what we want to do. Our senses also run off of a form of electricity and means still….electrons flowing to and from our brain. Building upon this explanation means that we continuously and asynchronously have an influx and then efflux of certain amounts of electricity/BEM moving constantly. This means volume in mass and not necessarily volume categorized as volume of electricity.