Info For Law Enforcement

Below are ground rules for being on the Orion Network or the Orion Bioelectromagnetic Network. After viewing please read further.


*BEM or bioelectromagnetism can be explained and described by the BEM Society. Th BEM Society is an organization that specializes in the science and study of bioelectromagnetics and how the human mind generates and uses BEM.

* Some of the methods include using the RAMPDOWN SAWTOOTH waveform to decrease cognitive dissonance/excess BEM or bioelectromagnetism. Using the opposite, the RAMP UP sawtooth wave increases BEM and creates excess buildup in the brain. When used in an adverse manner this can cause problems.

*The purpose for the previous explanation means that by using the RAMPDOWN SAWTOOTH waveform in our methods means the Orion Net Project means to decrease cognitive dissonance/excess BEM and allow individuals to think better and properly. For cybersecurity experts such as DHS and the FCC. If anybody complains of events on their electronic smart devices they cannot immediately explain that seem mysterious, it could mean they have been socially engineered and their attackers are using audio electronic methods such as the RAMP UP SAWTOOTH waveform to stifle their thought processes for the attackers gain.

*If there are complaints, such as the previous explanation, the victims network and devices are scanned, and they are the only individual using a RAMPDOWN SAWTOOTH waveform but other individuals found on their network/devices are using a RAMP UP SAWTOOTH and or TUKEY waveform it could be that there is some BEM social engineering going on. TUKEY waveforms are used to analyze transient data which is electronic application data saved while using an application such as Microsoft Word, a log-in and authentication process, or Facebook profile updates. I found TUKEY waveforms while attenuating (destroying the TUKEY) MY equipment and methods NOT generated by MYSELF. Bluntly I found TUKEY waveforms in MY mind excited and brought to light by exciting the BEM within MY mind. The question to be asked is who, what, and where did these TUKEY waveforms originate from and what exactly kind of data are they gathering, routing, or communicating?

*Apple and Android devices are NOT perfect and I, Jamin Chavez, pick up a lot of cross-talk on the Orion Network. The waveforms I use excite electrons in a ULF and UHF manner causing a radio effect. What I have discovered is witnessing and proof-taking of glitches, slight time sequencing differences (TUKEY), failed log-in attempts, Internet connectivity slowing down constantly, and patterns of other individuals hacked onto MY devices for the third time in three years. Which is part of the reason for the Orion Net Project. Using MY methods is how I caught hold of the electronic variations and differences. Using MY SENDP or Social Engineering Defense Program analysis and study, Urban and Social Media Asymmetric dynamics, and information gathering I have been able to deduce that it is possible for humans to use BEM Social Engineering. Not good.

*While working on the Orion Net Project methods I noticed a generalized pattern of movement that matches the frequency patterns I picked up. I’ve seen this pattern of movement in various forms in the real world of communication either directly or indirectly and repeated occurrences in smart brevity. Please see the note and video below.


*Main pattern. The signal begins from left to right. When running looks like the signal is going from right to left.


*TUKEY window, caught, before being filtered and attenuated OUT. Gain about -15 to -30 Hz.


*Attenuating an unwanted TUKEY waveform.

*The image and video above and the pattern on the left is the beginning set of frequencies from “apeFilter”. I’ve noticed, this pattern matches much of the information I’ve gathered and studied from Google Alerts particularly the Radical Feminists and Socialists. Pick a category of a “hot spot” and test the information. YOU’ll most likely be surprised to find this pattern is difficult for them to get out of.

*If there are any questions please email ME, Jamin Chavez, at .