Using CC and Channel Routing

CC or Change Control is a function used to change an audio program setting from one to another if there are two or more settings saved within an app or apps. If the CC is not set to 0 on every setting the user risks allowing anybody else networked, and using the same applications, to change the settings without their permission or unbeknownst to them. The channels need to be set to a specific channel, such as channel 3 or 16, only and NOT a bunch of random channels at the same time. I, Jamin Chavez, when listening to the Tiger Roar/Purr method keep mine on CC 0 and channel 1 across each app.

While viewing the instruction video YOU might notice there isn’t any numerical information flow under the WiFi icon or the other apps in the MIDI settings. MIDI means musical instrument digital interface. An application such as Loopy HD is a form of musical instrument digital interface because it records, loops, and plays music or other audio. While I was recording the instructional video I was listening to a program I developed on the AUM DAW. The purpose of the instructional videos below are to show YOU specifically how to set up the CC and channels correctly across each app. As the videos show YOU will have to open, switch, and then reopen each app multiple times to ensure each are networked appropriately without a DAW or digital audio workstation. I show YOU, the user, how to do this for the reason that YOU might not want to spend extra money on “audiobus” or “AUM” at the moment. The instructional videos will get YOU up and running, basically using YOUR iPhone as a DAW.

*With iPhone and Apple the mentioned apps can be setup to be shared to where multiple individuals, such as a family, can listen at the same time.

The purpose of the methods on the Orion Net Project is to keep the methods constant so there is a constant rate of cognitive dissonance/excess BEM disintegration and clearance/filtering from the mind/brain using audio.

*Remember that audio is also energy, or electrons, found within the ERS or electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Our brain interprets the audio bioelecromagnetically through the receptors in our eardrums. Electronic filters are used to filter OUT excess BEM that is not supposed to be present in the brain replacing that with pure audio energy. Or, in other words, audio electrons that are indiscriminate. Again to reiterate, listening to audio, such as granular noise/white noise, will do exactly what the name implies….that’s just simply noise that does not have an adverse purpose which is pure ERS audio electronic energy good for the brain.

*Part 1

*Part 2

*Part 3