Using Loopy HD

Loopy HD” is a very powerful audio app by “A Tasty Pixel“. This app can be used to load the various audio granular/noise sounds onto each of the tracks. It just makes sense to put granular/noise sounds such as White, Brown, Green, and Orange onto a loop for continuous play since these are different than a song. This explanation also includes Schumann Resonance sounds. The sounds need to be continuous and uninterruptible. This is another reason why I use “Loopy HD” for MY audio methods.

Remember, if YOUR tracks become inaudible, incomprehensible to YOUR intellect YOU can always delete the track from “Loopy HD” and then record and loop that again. Or, what I do is use the “The Oscillator” app to clear undesirable audio while playing the granular/noise sounds. While using “The Oscillator” app I use a ramp down sawtooth wave or negative ramp wave to deconstruct cognitive dissonance/excess bioelectromagnetism. Tap or click here to learn about the various audio wave-forms.

To prevent any further incomprehensibility use fresh granular/noise tracks in addition to recording the sounds from “The Oscillator” app with a ramp down sawtooth wave. “Loopy HD” will record the sounds from “The Oscillator”. On another page, I, Jamin Chavez, will show YOU how to use a mixer to enable the sounds to mix and work together while being filtered and recycled. YOU will notice YOUR cognitive dissonance/excess bioelectromagnetism decreasing.

Initial Set-Up of “Loopy HD” for use with Orion Net Project audio methods

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Using one or two smartphones to record a track on “Loopy HD”

* If YOU are going to record something else, in addition to the granular noises, turn every track off by tapping on every loops center button. I leave the lower-left one open to record something such as a song track that has unique qualities. (When I say unique qualities I look for a song that has changing octaves, a good low sounding bass, and harmonization or harmonics.) When and if YOU do this ensure YOU record YOUR sound with “The Oscillator” on with the rampdown sawtooth wave setting ON. This is important because the sounds recorded with “The Oscillator” with that method will continue to break down any cognitive dissonance/excess bioelectromagnetism.

For some kickbutt examples to download to YOUR “Loopy HD” YOU can tap or click here to go to the Orion Net Project shared folder and download. The file might sound weird at first but that will even out as YOU adjust the settings to YOUR preferences.

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Loopy HD Definitions and Meanings: (WIP Continuously check back for more info)

“Shake to reset” – this feature enables the user to simply shake their electronic device to reset all track recordings.

Noise gate/expander” – the noise gate and expander work together, asynchronously, in this function to reduce undesirable noise/sound. They expand the quality of YOUR sound waves while “gating” OUT the undesirables.

  • There are three settings – Smooth, Medium, and Percussive. I have mine set to smooth for the fact that I am using the methods for my mind which is similar to the electronic settings of dry/wet.
    • Calibrate – when tapped on automatically calibrates the Smooth, Medium, and Percussive settings.
      • Smooth – allows YOUR audio to be smooth in between the noise gate/expander gate.
      • Medium – allows YOUR audio to sound in between gentle/smooth and harsh/percussive.
      • Percussive – allows YOUR audio to sound similar to noise generated by percussion symbols on a drum set. More noticeable sounds are harsher to the intellect and ears as compared to the Smooth setting.